SP Bullseye
Mechanical Trigger

Caliber: 22 LR
Height: 140 mm
Width: 67 mm
Overal length: 310/335 mm
Total weight: ≃1.095/1.165 g
Action: Semiauto
Barrel length: 120/146 mm
Barrel rifling: 6D x 450 mm
Sight radius: 220/241 mm
Adjustment click: 5 mm
Grip sizes: RH: S-M-L
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The SP pistol series earns a new version called Bullseye. Developed in collaboration with Pardini USA for the American market, it is designed for Precision pistol event organized by the National Riflemen Association.
It is available both in .22 LR and .32 S&W calibers with 2 barrell lenghts (5” and 6”). Fully convertible with SP / SP RimFire and HP models.

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